Thousands of candles can be lighted from a single candle
and the life of the candle will not be shortened. Happiness never
decreases by being shared. " Buddha

Artist Megan Arnold

The many faces of Megan Arnold

This is a huge step for me. Art. Exposing myself and my creations is extremely personal and up until now I have kept it all guarded. That being said I do hope anyone visiting this site enjoys what they see.

My home is one filled with laughter, music and cats. Hockey games are blaring, foods being cooked, and paint is being spilled.

Art. I remember my first elementary school art class. The room itself was a glorious one. Paintings on thick papers were everywhere, strung from strings all around the room like us children decorated it. You walked in and you were met with that visual, along with the smells of paint, sweaty little kids, and paper! I always felt physically and mentally safe in my art classes. Kind of like it was the one place that I was accepted. Throughout my entire school career up until college I was always in some form of art class. My art is simply my brain on canvas. Fueled by emotion and music.

I dedicate these images and photographs to my dear friend Jared Forsyth. Jared was killed in the line of duty April 6, 2015 during a firearms accident. I was hired with Jared in April of 2012. We immediately formed a bond and for 3 years I got to work with him, and share a Guinness and a laugh with him a lot. The Buddha quote on this page is one I have used to honor my friend, for he knew no enemy. Thank you Jared for always cheering me on when I was working two jobs and keeping me motivated. I will not let your memory fade friend. IGY6


About the Artist

Artist's Statement: " It's all about the color,   that's what my motivation is."


my dog and my art by Megan Arnold



Officer Jared J. Forsyth

Jared Forsythe end of watch 4/6/15